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My perfect vacation

It’s that time of year again. When it starts to rain several days in succession. When it’s dark before five o’clock. When I begin to dream of running flying away to a sunshiney wonderland. My recipe for a perfect vacation: 1 favorite person Could be a significant other, best friend, or sister, but no munchkins….

Mid night

I was sitting on the floor in my room, hunched in front of the computer screen.  Tap, tapping away.  Answering emails. Trying to polish up a new post.  Visiting other sites.  Ignoring the clock as it ticked away. My heart skipped half a beat as I heard the cry come simultaneously out of the monitor…

Goodnight Mood

Goodnight Mood* In the big beige room There was a rocking chair And a kangaroo And the entrance of — A boy with a bad attitude And there were three unread books and two angry looks And one crying brother And a frustrated mother And a noisy timeout And a definite pout And a shove…

Ten days

It took ten days. Ten days before bedtime was not a blur of tears and exhaustion. Ten days before the raging beast we thought we’d seen before – but truly never had – finally went back into hibernation and left our toddler in its place. Ten days of wondering if we’d made a huge mistake….

Never a good time

>People used to say that if you wait for a good time to get married, you’ll end up alone.  If you wait for a good time to have children, your childbearing years will pass you by in a blink. There is no consensus on when is a good time to have a second child, either,…