>This is Toby.

He’s Sebastian’s woobie.  I think the technical term for it is transitional object and the hip term is lovey, but Mr. Mom says woobie and so say I.  Either way, he’s been helping Sebastian get to sleep since he was about eight months old.

But lately Toby has taken on some new roles.

First and most importantly, he’s the new BFF.  He goes EVERYWHERE with us, even if it’s just upstairs or downstairs.  He helps Sebastian drive his trucks, chug chug his Thomas train, and read his books.  He stares at us while we eat now, too, because “Toby wants to sit at the table with you.”

In proper best friend style, Toby cheers up Sebastian when he is mad at someone, bumps his head, or has to be apart from us.  Since Sebastian is pretty much climbing the walls these days now that it’s crummy outside and his brother sleeps half the day away, there’s a lot of this going on…

Me:  Sebastian, slow down, you’re going to…
Sebastian: (bonking on the table or some other hard object in his way)
Me:  Are you ok?
Sebastian:  You need a kiss.  Right here (points to random body part that may or may not be what was hurt).
Me:  (giving kiss) There you go.
Sebastian:  (rushing back to get Toby) And Toby will help you feel better!!

All of this is generally pretty cute, and it has helped Sebastian feel better when he goes to his day care on Thursday mornings while Theo and I have our class together.  
Toby also regularly plays the part of The Baby.  Sebastian often tries to give Toby milk (from his arm, which is apparently how I give milk to Theo), or puts him down for his nap, or pretends Toby is crying so Sebastian can pick him up and bounce or rock him.  He has baby dolls, but Toby is the all-purpose toy these days.
Toby being picked up after “crying”

But then there is Toby, Sebastian’s Evil Twin.  Toby doesn’t want to go to school.  Toby doesn’t want to share. Toby wants to eat some of Nyli’s cat food. Toby does NOT WANT A QUICK CHANGE.  
Toby would much rather have a wet diaper and stay in bed and look at the aquarium.  See?

It’s a good thing Toby’s cute.

4 Responses to Toby
  1. Nell
    November 30, 2010 | 7:24 pm

    >c'mon, admit it. you have a toby-type being hidden away for tough times…or maybe that's just me!

  2. Megan
    December 3, 2010 | 7:09 am

    >Love this! I love that Toby has an 'evil side'. That is so funny! Sebastian seems to have an amazing imagination!! Toby looks like a good guy to me!

  3. Johny
    January 15, 2011 | 11:17 pm

    >I like when Sebastian lies down on Toby, and exclaims "Toby is squishing you!"

  4. The space between | Team Rasler
    June 27, 2011 | 11:47 pm

    […] at night. The Easter bunny vanished all the pacifiers and he goes to sleep with just his friends Toby and Edward. He picks out and puts on his own clothes, asking for help only with getting the shirt […]

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