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>I’ve received many kind responses to my latest posts, most of which gently reminded me to count my blessings and enjoy the moment.  Cliché, but excellent advice nonetheless.  So here I go.

Top 10 reasons I’m grateful to be a stay-at-home parent this year:

10.  I can sleep in until 8 or 9 if one or both boys has had a rough night.
  9.  Each boy and I get to go to a fabulous parent-child class through Bellevue College once a week.
  8.  I don’t have to spend five nights a week frantically packing lunches and diaper bags.
  7.  I only have to pump once a day instead of four times.
  6.  Rather than thinking about lesson plans, I can spend time with my mom discussing her cool doctoral project(s).
  5.  I’ve had time to discover the wonderful world of blogs and Facebook, all of which have helped me to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and feel closer to my family.
  4.  I’m able to take a step back and think about what direction I want to take next in my career.
  3.  Being “free” on weekdays has allowed me to explore the lovely area in which we live: parks, playgrounds, museums, stores, and other fabulous places for families.
  2.  Instead of grading papers at night or on weekends, I’m able to talk to my sister after she’s had a grueling day at the hospital, or to go visit Xavier when he’s home.

and best of all…

  1.  I don’t have to ask anyone else how Sebastian or Theo’s day was.  I was there for (almost) every giggle, tear, and new discovery.

3 Responses to Right now
  1. Lori
    November 11, 2010 | 4:30 pm

    >Woo! Hoo! Always better to be "proactive", than "reactive", right? Great post about taking/having the time to smell the roses. Well, maybe it doesn't always smell like roses!

  2. Nell
    November 12, 2010 | 10:28 am

    >Beautiful list about the benefits of staying home. Sometimes "half-full" is hard to see when colds keep little ones up throughout the night. Self-nurturing is not the same as self-ish and recognizing your talent and need to be with adults is healthy and insightful. I am proud of the person you are, whichever hat you are wearing on a given day.

  3. Aunt Julie
    November 16, 2010 | 8:14 pm

    >Great Post Jessica! When I read number 4 – I read it like this: "I'm able to take a step back and think about what direction I want to take in my next career"!! Did I just have a freudian slip – FOR YOU?! So glad you have the time to write these blogs – they help me look forward to tomorrow!Thanks for sharing all your great thoughts and experiences!love you –

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