It was a rough bedtime.  Ignoring directions, shouting, goofing off, whining, protesting, you name it.

Finally in exasperation, I asked, “Why aren’t you cooperating more, Sebastian?”

He looked right at me and said, “I was cooperating with my teachers ALL DAY, Mama.  I’m tired of it.”


At least he’s honest.

And I guess if I had to choose, I’m glad he decided to be his best self in school and blow off steam at home.

Still, I’m glad it’s the weekend, and my new little kindergartener is cooperating with me again.



“What are we having for dinner?”  Theo asked. “What’s on the menu?” Sebastian chimed in. “Stir fry, but I don’t feel like making it.  What do YOU want for dinner?” “Shooka!” Theo replied without missing a beat.  (It rhymes with book-uh, in case you’re wondering.) “Hmm… I don’t know how to make that.  Do you know…

Getting Started

Part One Balance on one foot, and use the other to push down on whichever pedal is higher.  Ready?  Ok, try it.   Five minutes later, Sebastian, on the eve of his fifth birthday, was riding his two-wheeler.  Twenty minutes later he was zipping around our street like he’d been doing it for weeks. He’d…


Well, my ten-minute post idea lasted five days and then disappeared for 4 months.  I toyed with the idea of shutting down the blog so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about not writing here.  I haven’t been able to do it.  Even though I’ve been busying myself with my non-virtual life, it was comforting to…

The realization

The teacher’s spring is in September, not April.  Everything is both new and familiar, with a chance for a fresh start each time. Back in April, the year was setting on my job as the gifted teacher.  I’d gone around and around in my head and with various others trying to determine what I’d be…