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Well, my ten-minute post idea lasted five days and then disappeared for 4 months.  I toyed with the idea of shutting down the blog so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about not writing here.  I haven’t been able to do it.  Even though I’ve been busying myself with my non-virtual life, it was comforting to…


I unbuckle their carseats, and they hop down all by themselves and race/toddle toward the front door. My hands are free to grab the bags. I look around as I pick them up, as though unsure why my shoulders are so light. ————————– “I’m done with breakfast,” he announces, clearing his place. “Now I’m going…

To my friends

Dear blogging friends: I used to get frustrated with my husband for not answering his emails in a timely manner. He told me that after staring at computer screens all day, it was close to the last thing he wanted to do at home. Finding him on Reddit night after night, I didn’t believe him….

The miracle

A miracle happened at my house this week.  It isn’t the sort that will bestow sainthood on anyone, but it is just slightly shy of utterly life-changing. It started with this book.  My dear friends sent it to us for Christmas, and wow, do they ever know us.  The book is called Switch: How to…

The minor milestones

I originally wrote this as a Facebook note, back when I was new to both FB and to blogging.  Now, two and a half years later, I keep thinking back to it as I watch Theo attain each one of these.  So here it is again, with some updates in honor of the little man….