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When he sat down at the new piano and began playing – a lovely improvised piece that somewhat resembled Pachelbel’s Canon – I fought back the tears, swallowed my pride for the millionth time, and smiled back when finished. Having our own piano had been a dream of ours since we were engaged, lazily imagining…

The minor milestones

I originally wrote this as a Facebook note, back when I was new to both FB and to blogging.  Now, two and a half years later, I keep thinking back to it as I watch Theo attain each one of these.  So here it is again, with some updates in honor of the little man….

But why?

Questions that are harder to answer than I expected*: Why is today Thursday? Why is January the first month? Why isn’t 45 a date? Why do you have to go to work on Tuesdays? Why do we have bedtime when it gets dark? Why do I feel sad sometimes? Why are you here? Why are…

Team Rasler goes to Montessori

It’s hard to send your kids off to school for the first time.  And sending both of them at once?  Excruciating. Also wonderful. Let’s start with hard first, to get it out of the way. First, there is the decision itself.  People here start looking at preschools in January.  That’s right, eight months in advance….

Climbing up the slide

It’s a rule.  You hear it endlessly repeated at every playground: “We don’t climb up the slide.  We go around and use the steps.” I say it, too.  But just like everyone else who has a kid older than crawling-up-stairs age, I finally accepted the fact that children want to climb up slides.  They will…